first we want to create a token with good security ,
and we tell all about it to the public,, from the contract we gave 30 minutes before launching so that people believe in us

then we want to put it into the token snifffer in trending tokens to pump up sales

then we will start marketing on facebook and twitter in less than 1 day from the start of the launch

and we will make a youtube video before launching so that we are busy on youtube

then we will play on tlegram marketing to make a splash after launching 2 hours



we will build this project from scratch,, from the first we made a token launching

and we want to be successful in the initial launch until it becomes a well-known token and the price goes up high

and after that we want to succeed at the beginning of entering cmc by holding airdrops an competitions

After that, we just started the business

and we just recruited a lot of painting artists for us to work on to build the nft maker

if you want to join us you should know that this is for maybe 2 years and if two years we don't scan for big tokens we will end it



Entering the NFT world is not easy, you have to have many things you need, including one of them is a name

and if you don’t have it you will lose even though the nft you make is better than the crowd

if we don’t compete for nft sales but we make manufacturing services for anyone who wants to make nft including for those who own 2 large nft shops

without taking any 1 percent of the sales proceeds, we only create and complete a contract after that it’s 100% yours

We currently only have one way, namely by combining painting, but in the future we will continue to make it in other ways,,



5 march 14 utc

at 14 UTC LEGEND can be purchased
and on sale

We don't use a presale or private sell system

so mc is probably still basic

if this token is crowded then the price increase may be very fast

so I suggest that before 14 UTC you are waiting for news in the group

The contract we give is definitely the one we pinned to the group



we gather painters to make nft

start all from basics with patience we are sure it will bear fruit

we started with crypto and if this works quickly we will make our plan i.e. nft maker from painting

we combine painting with nft and we make it for everyone with time we estimate 1 or 2 days at most

you just send a photo for us to make a painting and we design it into nft then we make a contract

I collect painting people to paint your photos for later added designs to be made nft